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You’ll love the amazing joy and relief you provide your clients by helping them care for their home while working for a company that provides you with the training, tools and support you need to be successful!

Does this sound like YOU?

You're a Cleaning Pro: You absolutely love cleaning - it's your go-to for feeling calm, accomplished, and all-around good. This isn't just a job, it's essential for your well-being!

Always on the Go: You're a go-getter - when you see something that needs to be done, you do it! You thrive on staying busy.

Attention to detail: You're all about the little things that others might miss. Your meticulous nature is something you take pride in!

Communication Champ: You're a pro at expressing yourself clearly and listening to others. You love working with clients and co-workers alike!

Better and Better: You always give 100%, and you're constantly looking for ways to exceed expectations. Feedback and healthy competition are your jam, and even if there's no one to compete against, you're always trying to beat your personal best.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to serve our community by being the preferred house cleaning company for our Clients & Team Members.

Clients First

Our clients are the heart of our business and We strive to make a positive difference in their through our cleaning services & top of the line customer care.. .

All Together

All Together Under God! We believe we serve a God who can do all things and we trust in Him. We work together to meet our company mission & goals


We value people and the commitments we make to them. We are all accountable for our words and actions and we strive to always expect the best in others!

Exceed Expectations

We value people and the commitments we make to them. We always expect the best in others. We listen to our clients and each other, and never, ever gossip.

Serve Others

Helping others is who we are. We are constantly striving to serve our clients, co-workers, and community in any way possible.

Life at handimaids

We believe we achieve more when we all work TOGETHER!
Our culture is packed with passion and a stron work ethic, and we love to have fun too!

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A Job where YOU are valued...

Join HandiMaids - A Company that values YOU!

Life can be tough, but your work environment shouldn't be. For over four decades, HandiMaids has created a supportive environment that helps individuals achieve our goals. You can become a member of a team that is enthusiastic about your growth. Are you tired of working for a company that demands a lot without giving back? Say "Yes" to HandiMaids and be valued. Get excited about working in a supportive and appreciative environment - you'll love it here!

The Benefits you need...

HandiMaids offers top base pay, bonuses, tips, & so much more - that means more money in your pocket!

But we don't stop there – we also offer healthcare, vision, and dental benefits too.

Take advantage of our paid time off benefit, use or cash out. And for those struggling with student loans, we've got you covered with our student loan repayment benefit.

You control your income, earn top pay for excellent service and opportunities for advancement.

Check out our full list of benefits below

Our Benefits & Compensation Package

We want nothing less than the “best of the best” caring for our clients’ homes and offices. That’s why we offer an above-average employment package to everyone on our team.

➺ Weekly Direct Deposit

➺ Tips, Tips, Tips!$$

➺ Mileage Reimbursement

➺Top Base Pay + Bonuses!

➺ Health Benefits, free to low cost plans

➺Dental, Vision, Accident, TeleDoc & Mental Health plans

➺ Paid Time Off – Use it, roll it, or cash it out!

➺Paid Training & professional development

➺ Performance Reviews, pay increases, advancement opportunities

➺ Recognition & Awards

➺ Performance Reviews & Advancement opportunities

➺ Student Loan repayment Benefit

Job Requirements

>> Lift 20 lbs. or more

>> Be able to stand, bend and kneel to perform cleaning duties

>> Pass a criminal background check and drug test

>> Cell Phone with data plan

>> Speak and write in English

>> Valid driver's license

>> Available, working vehicle

>> Valid auto insurance

>> Commit to a minimum of 5 full days of cleaning per week.

Success is in your hands!

Join our Family!

Here what our clients are saying...

Frequently Asked Question

HandiMaids knows that finding a career is hard work. We want you to be well informed of our hiring process and our company.

How Often do You Hire?

HandiMaids is a growing company.  You may have noticed that we post our hiring opportunities often.  We rarely hire to replace current team members (some of our Team Members have been with us for 15+ yrs), however because we are growing we hire consistently.  Our average hiring cycle is about one new Team Member every month.

Will I get a Phone Call?

We appreciate everyone one that applies. We know that you took your time to fill out an application and we will take careful consideration to review everyone.  Because of the benefits and work environment we offer, we receive hundreds of applications a week for only 1 or 2 positions.  The hiring manager reviews all applications then will only call the top qualified candidates.  If you do not receive a call within one month of your application, we suggest you put in another application to let us know that you are still interested.

How Long is Your Hiring Process?

If you are right for our team, you can get hired & start as soon as 1 week from submitting your application. However, our hiring process is very extensive. On average it takes us 1 month to find our next Team Member. We only hire the next Team Member after the last person we hired is well on their way to a full schedule. This makes sure that all of our Team Members are working most of their available hours, as promised. Second, we only hire the top qualifying candidates who fit in with the rest of the team. We interview many people to find "just the right fit".

How much money will I make?

We are upfront and transparent when it comes to your hours and pay.  The first 1-2 weeks of training expect to make your base pay and work part time hours. Once you complete training, we build your clientele & hours based on your ability. Our full time Technicians have averaged more then what we promised. After your 90 day mark, proven Technicians can expect between $700- $950 per week. Many of our seasoned Techs making more than that between their base pay, bonuses, tips, and paid time benefit.

Can I work full time?

Our full time is between 30 - 40 hours a week.  To reach your maximum payout, you will want to clean 7 hours a day on average, 5 days a week.  Our proven Technicians can also volunteer to work on Saturdays if they wish (no pressure to work extra if you don’t want to, it is just an option for you).  We also offer 2-3 hours per evening, evening shifts that are great for supplementing your income!

Who takes out the taxes?

You are fully employed when you work for HandiMaids. We take out our side of the taxes and mange all payroll deductions. You will get a W2.   In order to “save on taxes” some business try to make their people 1099 independent contractors, when they are not.  We do not play this game, none of our people have to pay the self employment tax.

Do you pay for gas mileage?

Yes, we do pay for gas mileage when you use your vehicle to travel to your clients' location.  We pay a per mile reimbursement. You can also request a mileage report at the end of the year and take the difference of the federal deduction minus your company reimbursement portion off for your tax return, in addition to other business expenses, like your cell phone your mileage.

Where do I have to drive to?

We service the Richmond, VA area, mostly Richmond, West End, Midlothian, Chesterfield, Powhatan, so you will have to drive anywhere within this map. However, we generally keep all of your houses within 15 minutes of each other.  But the best part is that our routes are optimized for efficient travel so you're not spending all day driving or putting too much wear & tear on your car. Our Full Time Techs average less than 50 miles per week for business travel. Some days, you'll have houses in the same neighborhood!

FAQ image

What kind of job advancement is there?

Every Technician has the opportunity to become Deep Clean Specialist, or a Trainer.  Anyone can achieve these positions if they #1 want to advance, #2 have great quality, and #3 have a great attitude.  Each position has its own perks including more pay.

What holidays do I get off?

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years day are the days we are closed for holidays. 

Do I need Experience?

Experience is preferred, but we hire people with all types of cleaning experience.  No matter your experience level, you'll go through the same training.  HandiMaids is looking for excellent people with a strong work ethic and moral compass; not your experience at cleaning. We hire for character of the person first!

Do you Hire Men?

Yes, we do hire men.  We have men on our staff and will continue to add male Team Members.  We only hire the best person for each position.  HandiMaids is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and will not discriminate on any legally recognized basis, including, but not limited to: age, physical ability, national origin, race, religion, sex, or any other legally protected status.

What can I do to gain an advantage over the other applicants?

Be yourself!  We are looking for people who are honest and trustworthy.  If you try to “fake” your application we will know from our extensive hiring process.  We want to get to know you, not a fake person, just tell us about you. We value honesty, integrity, professionalism & common sense! So if you want to impress us, come to your interviews free of smells (no perfume, smoke, or lotion smells), be dressed modestly (business casual is good), leave your kids and friends at home, and read about our company before you come in.

The Position Sounds too Good to be True, Why?

We know that clients want a consistent face coming to their home for their service and in order to stay with us, our Technicians have to make an excellent living wage. When Team Members stay= our clients are HAPPY!  Cleaning is hard work and you should be paid for your hard work and provided the benefits and perks you need to make this a career option- it's just the right thing to do!  Many other business’ see what they can take from their employees and as a consequence they lose their people.  As Team Members, we all give and serve our clients together, so we are all successful!

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